this book introduces the aspect and life surrounding of  “the life of part time Indian ” Sherman Alexie shows the audience his life experience and his life struggles he shows us that he when to Readan he got bullied but over came the bullies then they ended up being close friends . this book is […]

My movie will be x men apocolyples my movie will talk about the xmen and the bad guys . The start started of good then the badies turn on badies with badness but eventually the good guy who win quoetation from wiki “Worshiped as a god since the dawn of civilization, the immortal Apocalypse (Oscar […]

The book I’m currently read was Michael morpurgo running wild it is what the reviews say the book is really good and quotes like ” A thrilling and moving novel ” the times and ” Micheal Morpurgos running wild will surely rank alongside his his best-loved books “. My review will be adding onto others […]

I my debate will be about horror and should they suspense and build up to climax . I think they should build more stuff to it so it would be more interested in and when the story get to the bit you feel more frightened . If a part is told it mite give away […]

Braulio Stefan Pilates Chimbembe Autobiography I was born 2003 September 30th a month before my best friends birthday . I was a very cute baby and an interesting one to. I liked to go outside everyday but I usually didn’t . I liked the cold not to keen on very hot days unless my mum […]

Felix is determined and cognisant  he narrates that ” that’s not true , he shouts ! mum and dad sent that carrot as a sign ” this quotation refers to Felix’s  parents and he thinking they are still alive . At this part of the book Felix told mother Minka about the carrot and that […]

Felix is brave person because in the story it narrates that “we’ve got to risk it “, he say this quotation refers to Felix , Zelda and Chya jumping to save their lives. The quotation comes when the Jewish people got taking away by Nazi and they eventually escaped from the train. this proves my point […]

In this essay I will talk about once and my evidence and quotation. In my paragraphs I will talk about what kind of child was Felix ? When Felix was In doubt he thought of good, when Felix escaped the orphanage he had know what his journey would be like . My paragraphs will show this point and […]

My book is divergent I really like the book, it’s a very good book and the film is amazing. Divergent is my favourite by far it think it an interesting book/film  I think you have to read a least twice to fully understand  its quite a long read but an outstanding outcome story . It’s […]

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